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Practical insight for a competitive advantage

Nightingale is a design and user research consultancy who gather, analyse and interpret valuable data from all aspects of their clients business to provide practical insights and recommendations.

What was the challenge?

Nightingale (originally called Fowlam) approached us to help with their overall brand strategy. They were looking for direction on how best to communicate more clearly what they offer and to reach a slightly broader audience than their existing client base.

Their name and brand messaging were unclear and it was proving quite complex to explain exactly what they do and how they can help their target customers.

How did we respond?

We began by bringing together a specialist team to help facilitate a series of brand strategy exercises, which resulted in the renaming of the business to Nightingale Design Research.

We then began work on a full rebranding process to define the new look and feel as well as tone of voice and brand messaging. This was then followed by the design of the new website in conjunction with the client’s content and development partner.

What else did we do?

Besides the core work of brand strategy, full rebrand and new website, we also helped with the practical tools needed to roll out the new brand.

We produced social media profile and header images, business cards, presentation decks and a brand usage guidelines document to help deliver consistency to any future brand communications.


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