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Rosie Fortescue

From reality star to style blogger to jewellery entrepreneur

Rosie Fortescue Jewellery is the colourful and affordable semi-luxe jewellery brand founded by Rosie Fortescue in 2015 after an earlier career appearing in TV show, Made in Chelsea, and running style and fashion blog, At Fashion Forte.

What was the challenge?

More recently Rosie’s focus has been on building her jewellery business, although we have worked on a range of projects since first welcoming her as a client back in 2011.

Originally tasked to design and build her first style and fashion blog, and subsequent redesigns, we were also asked to produce the original brand identity for the jewellery business as well as an online store to sell Rosie’s range of colourful, affordable, semi-luxe jewellery.

How did we respond?

As Rosie’s jewellery business has grown over the years, our most recent input has been to oversee a complete redesign of the website within the Shopify platform.

In addition to an updated look and feel, we brought in specialist commerce agency, JellyWall, to help with technical restructuring, product and content optimisation and user training to help Rosie and her team grow the business more effectively – leading to a record year for sales. 

What else did we do?

As well as provide brand guidelines, we have also been able to produce online display ads, point of sale materials and packaging design visuals.

We’ve also been there to offer support in applying the brand identity onto new products and promotional materials produced by retailers and other third parties. 


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