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Style by Manisha

A new approach to personal styling

Style by Manisha is the personal styling business owned and operated by Manisha Sabharwal. She provides services such as wardrobe edits, personal shopping, as well as styling sessions for special occasions or group events.

What was the challenge?

After studying at the London College of Fashion, Manisha contacted us to describe her ambition to launch a more contemporary, fresher take on personal styling services.

Being a brand new start-up entering a mature, well-established sector, we were keen to differentiate the business and help Manisha communicate her vision that personal styling services could appeal to a broader and more diverse audience, especially younger clients who might have never considered seeking styling advice.

How did we respond?

After researching the sector in detail, we began by creating the new brand identity, including the logo, colour scheme and typography recommendations.

We then focused on the design and build of the new website, including the planning, direction and production of a video that showcased a typical day in the life of Manisha when working with one of her clients.

What else did we do?

As with many of our projects, we produced brand guidelines to enable Manisha to produce materials in-house whilst maintaining consistency.

We also designed and produced printed materials such as business cards and gift vouchers, as well as signage and promotional cards to be used at a launch event.


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