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Thanks for dropping by.

Firstly, an announcement. From 1st December 2021, Warm & Fuzzy Ltd is unable to accept any new client projects. After nearly 14 years running this business and plenty of time to think during the Covid pandemic, I’ve decided I need a change and want to focus on working in-house for a brand that I can feel motivated by and personally interested in.

The Warm & Fuzzy story has been a rich and varied one, with so many good times along the way. There’s a lot I will miss and just a few things that I won’t. If you are a client that has put your trust in me over the years, or maybe you are someone that has worked with me, then I would simply like to say thank you.

It’s been a blast. Feel free to find me here, I’d love to keep in touch.

Lee Flanaghan
Founder, Warm & Fuzzy Limited

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