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Debonair for Men

From pop-up store to QVC

Debonair For Men is a British brand offering men’s grooming products for shaving, hair styling and beard and moustache care produced from high-quality ingredients and with an innovative approach to formulation.

What was the challenge?

The founder of Debonair approached us shortly after launching their brand to get help with taking the business online. Having spent considerable time and effort on product development, Debonair were only selling from one pop-up retail location and needed to reach a much wider audience.

Debonair needed not only an effective online store, they also wanted a broad range of help with content production, digital advertising and even visualisation and presentation of future products.

How did we respond?

We turned to our preferred store platform, Shopify, and designed and built a totally bespoke website rather than use any existing templates or themes.

A key feature of the new website was a video to introduce the brand to consumers and capture the spirit of “Debonair Man”. We planned, directed and produced the video, with the majority of it being shot in various locations in Birmingham, only minutes away from our offices.

What else did we do?

To assist with digital advertising, we created an online asset library and helped to guide an external ad team in setting up their initial campaigns.

We also produced a series of short video adverts for Christmas campaigns on social media, as well as 3D product visualisations to help secure Debonaire’s place on the shopping channel, QVC.



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